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— Dibiakcom pointed exclusively by Biak Tourism Board to develop a promotion brand and material for Biak Tourism Portal.
{2006-05-31 10:28 eit}


— Announcing The IP-Ticket system for Wireless Infrastructures and Hotspot in Biak. IP-Ticket is a IP base authentication mechanisme for prepaid user's accounting. Only in Biak
{2005-12-20 17:00}

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— Validating XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0. This site is optimized for Firefox. Get Firefox!
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Photo and Ilustrations

— Ilias contribute his photograhic works to help Dibiakcom furnished
{2005-06-17 08:39 eit} - {URL »}

Dibiakcom get redesign

— This site being redesigned to XHTML and CSS 2.0.
{2005-05-05 08:35 eit}